Massive Catalog

Lush has enough variety to serve up a different drink for every day of the year.

That's thousands of shots.

Hundreds of bottles.

Handles galore.

Simple Design

Lush's clean design makes finding the drink you're looking for as smooth as good bourbon.

Playful, hand crafted artwork helps you learn common mixology proportions, just by using the app.

Mix it up

Drink like the The Dude, or discover an awesome new cocktail. Curated lists hand-pick fun, interesting and delicious new recipies.

Don't see something you want? Check back often, Lush's mixologists are constantly adding new lists.

Break it down

Nothing but Rum and Vermouth?

Using Lush is like talking to a bartender with 20 years experience.

Just keep selecting ingredients you want, and recommendations will keep coming.

Go Crazy

What can you make with licorice, cherry, and chocolate?

Lush helps you discover new styles and interesting mixes based on flavor profiles.

Take it with you

If you see something you like, add it to your favorites.

We'll save it for you for when you are a little more sober.